Why study business?

Your passion may be making videos, designing buildings, or playing football. Whatever your skillset and interests, there is always a business side to it. Think about it – business is part of the language we use when we talk about the entertainment industry, project financing, and sports marketing.

Everything has a “business” side to it – every industry needs marketers, financial analysts, managers and technology support staff … in other words, business majors!

Business as a field of study is very practical – it is the study of applying ideas to create or add value to a product or service in order to generate a profit. Business majors learn how to research information using quantitative skills and then develop ideas based on that information to solve problems.

Business also involves people – customers, suppliers and employees – so communication and interpersonal skills are vitally important as well.

What do business majors study?

The most common business majors are:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sports Management
  • Fashion and Luxury Management
  • Hotel Management

There are of course other fields and – most importantly – it is up to you and your personal interest to decide what fits best for you and your plans for the future.

Study in spain

ESADE, N1 Business school Spain, #16 Business school world ranking & IE, Global MBA #1 QS World ranking 

Why and where to study business majors in Spain?

There are a number of countries with very good universities to choose from and Spain is certainly one of the most attractive for a variety of reasons. Football, flamenco dancing and good food are just a few of the reasons to visit Spain.

Though the promise of wine, tapas and the occasional siesta is a draw for many students looking to sample Spanish culture, it’s also the country’s architecture that makes it a prime destination for many foreigners. The top 5 cities to study are Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Malaga.

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