On Jan 1st, LEAP proudly announced the strategic partnership with IWAN International in Doha, Qatar to open a new gateway for students to study in Europe: The beautiful Mediterranean country of Spain.

On this occasion, the executives of IWAN visited our office and different University campuses. Dr. Atef El-Hadidy (CEO at IWAN) and Tom Miessen (CEO at LEAP) have signed an agreement, which will provide many Qatari students with the Opportunity to pursue a Future in Europe.

Honoring this agreement with full-speed in 2020, IWAN and LEAP are hosting en Educational Fair for Studying in Spain at the Millennium Plaza Hotel in Doha on Feb 9th at 6pm local time. Any questions regarding an Academic and Professional Future in Spain are answered there.

Together, we are looking forward to change the futures of many.

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