Why Study in Barcelona

 A true global city, where people from all around the world come to experience a variety of art, architecture and cultural uniqueness.

Barcelona is a melting pot of diversity, the beaches and mountains, European and Mediterranean, sports and cuisines, museums and street art. No other city in the world can combine extremes so fabulously. Students enjoy a mixture of touristic life with a cultural immersion throughout their time here. It’s a great chance to create global networks and meet people from every country in the world. Not to mention the low-cost possibilities to travel without borders, providing you with the chance to explore outstanding places and growing your personality by leaving your comfort zone.

Everybody deserves a chance – we help bridging the gap. 

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Why Barcelona

Start dreaming and take action

People from all around the world come to Barcelona for different reasons. Learning a new language, improving their CV, exploring new cultures and traveling without borders, getting access to the most advanced facilities in the world… The reasons seem endless.

One thing that unites them all is the possibility to go beyond any limitations. Join LEAP and explore new opportunities to study, work and live in Barcelona and take advantage of the academic steppingstone to fulfill your personal dreams, whether in Europe or globally. 

“The first step is always the hardest. Once you dare to dream and take action you will experience how all the pieces fall in place and your goals become reality.” 

 – Tom Miessen, CEO at LEAP

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